Church Fundraising for Ongoing Income

Church Fundraising

For many churches, there is no “slow season” or true closing time. When someone needs advice, guidance, help and support – emotional or financial – the church is dedicated to being there, no matter what. Of course, raising and maintaining the money needed to fund your church’s outreach programs can be a big challenge. After […]

Facebook Fundraising: How Important is It to Your Fundraising Efforts?

Facebook Fundraising

In today’s fundraising environment, non-profits have more resources than ever before to help them connect with the community and each other in deeper and more meaningful ways. Although newsletters and brochures are still useful tools when communicating about your organization, the various social media outlets that have become a part of many people’s lives are […]

How To Make Fundraising a Great Experience For Kids

How To Make Fundraising a Great Experience For Kids

Whether it’s for school, sports or another cause, most kids find themselves participating in at least one fundraiser a year by the time they’re in school. In almost all cases, the kids aren’t given any training or direction on any aspect of sales – they just bring home the catalogs, order forms and a directive […]

Fundraising Goals: Achieving Conflict Free Accountability

Achieving Conflict Free Accountability

When your organization runs a fundraising campaign, the goal is clear: to reach your financial goal so that your non-profit can meet its unique needs. For many campaigns, this means sending your team, whatever its size, out selling. This often requires your sellers to keep track of the accounting end of their sales. Who has […]

Necessities Fundraising: Can Subscription Style Orders Offer Funding Stability?

Necessities Fundraising: Can Subscription Style Orders Offer Funding Stability

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, there are a wide range of different fundraising options available for non-profits. The biggest difference between the fundraising campaigns available is, of course, the type of product – is it a want or a need for your supporters? Sometimes (let’s be honest) it’s neither, and your supporters purchase from […]

Knowing Your Crowdfunding Options

Knowing Your Crowdfunding Options

When it comes to urgent, emergency fundraising, crowdfunding websites have become the hottest thing on the market today. Individuals and agencies are sometimes able to earn significant (sometimes enormous) amounts of money for pressing issues or tragic circumstances. Of course, crowdfunding campaigns can request money for almost any reason, from making a movie to moving […]

Fundraising in the News: March 2017

Good Clean Fundraising in the News

When you work for a non-profit, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news, events and trends in your industry. This week, we’ll be posting our first Fundraiser’s Update. We’ll feature pertinent news and success stories about fundraising campaigns you may have missed that will inspire you. Muslim Community Raises $100,000 in […]

Good Clean Fundraising voted Best Fundraising Program for Schools, Churches, and Youth Athletics Organizations

Good Clean Fundraising based in Fredericksburg Va is changing the way Schools, Youth Athletics, Churches and Non Profits raise funds. The product is a liquid laundry detergent which is a staple on most shopping lists already. The laundry detergent fundraiser has been extremely successful with many schools and youth sports organizations raising between $10,000 to […]