Church Fundraising for Ongoing Income

Church Fundraising

Church Fundraising for Ongoing Income

For many churches, there is no “slow season” or true closing time. When someone needs advice, guidance, help and support – emotional or financial – the church is dedicated to being there, no matter what. Of course, raising and maintaining the money needed to fund your church’s outreach programs can be a big challenge. After all, if you’re busy actively running back to back fundraisers all year, you’re left with little time to actually work with the congregation and community.

Some churches are finding solutions with continuous type fundraisers, which allow supporters and members of the congregation to buy things they already need through you, the church, on a regular basis. This means you get a percentage of the sale – again, on a regular basis. This can add up fast, and create an income stream that requires no door to door work on the part of the church. If a couple of hundred congregants purchase all of their laundry soap and trash bags from you, that alone would equal a significant amount of ongoing income.

One fundraising idea that has gained immense popularity with churches nationwide is that of gift card sales. People are encouraged to buy gift cards from the program for places that they will be spending money, anyway, like grocery stores, popular discount retailers or restaurants. That way, they can allocate money to the things they need while still financially supporting the church in an easy way.

When it comes to selling the actual items themselves, like laundry detergent, companies like Good Clean Fundraising can help. We offer a high quality laundry detergent in a bulk five gallon bucket with a convenient pump. Supporters actually save money over regular store prices, while the church benefits from a percentage of that sale. With regular orders, the church can benefit from regular checks that support your financial goals.

Other churches have leveraged the talents and trades of their congregants for seamless fundraising on a continual basis. One church with a member who has a catering business sells a menu of home baked items that could be ordered whenever needed. The catering congregant offered to bake the goods at cost, with the remainder of the price going to the church. It was an easy way for her to help.

A path to a continual fundraising income stream for your church organization is absolutely achievable. The key is communication. Talk to your congregation and community supporters. What needs do they have? What programs are they interested in? Since their willingness to participate will be the primary factor in whether or not your programs are successful, be sure that whatever avenue you choose works for both the church and those supporting it.

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